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Which part of your partner's body could you not do without?

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the hair on his chest! most importantly his eyes they're beautiful.

.....what kind of question is this? eh i just imagine some psycho killer asking this with my parter tied own or something....*shivers* eh. Okay. Overreacting. um.... his cheeks XP the way they look when he feels cocky or happy X3


I love her entire body. I couldn't do without any of it.

Her death star 😁

His when he holds me tight with them!

His chest!!! Love it!

Her heart. There're a few other parts I'd really miss if they were gin though, mostly pink ones except her blue eyes of course.


His big broad chest!

His entire mouth. Lips, tongue, teeth. I love his smile and kisses

I love all parts. I adore her

I love every part of her <3

I'd miss anything taken away from him.

His lightsaber
His entire mouth. Lips, tongue, teeth. I love his smile and his kisses.
Female, <20 years, Dating | Mar 11, 2013

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