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What's your favorite kind of food? Your partner's?

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Sushi! & his is breakfast food

Anything with cheese.. Him: anything but daal

Corn is mine, meat is his.

I am not particular....sometimes I feel like I could eat tacos nonstop, other times it could be sushi. For Will, it is either hamburgers or Mexican food but he has his "food kicks" just like me
Perfectly said, babe : D
Male, 36-40 years, Dating, Gay | Apr 15, 2013

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Bacon lol chocolate. I have tons. I think there's a wide variety for her.

Indian. He loves spicy

exotic, love new taste, willing to try anything - same

My favorite kind of food is Mexican. I would say his is steak and baked potatoes

I love sweets, like rawish chocolate chip cookies. He loves chicken quesadilla with just chicken and cheese, and we both love turkey sandwiches the same way.

I like simple stuff. Nothing to fancy. I'm sure she is the same way.😊


Idk, Im not really a foody. I like scaled-back simple stuff I guess. I dont know what his is. Smh. Bad girlfriend.
I like simple stuff too, I'm not to much of a foodie either. ☺
Male, 26-30 years, Dating, BC, CA | Feb 23, 2013

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I adore Mexican. He likes a variety of stuff but it seems to be chicken he's always eating.

Italian and japanese

She likes just about everything. Asian a bit more than Mexican I guess. I am partial to Italian but I too like just about anything other than Vietnamese. Jury's still out on Indian...

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