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How does it feel to be told, 'I love you'?

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It always warms my heart. I feel as though I sink deeper each time.

Wonderful because I don't have to question if he means it or not. It is the best feeling because he's my love and I'm glad he feels the same back.

It feels great cause she says it when she knows I'm having a bad day and it really helps knowing someone still cares

I would rather be shown

It feels absolutely amazing and puts the biggest smile on my face! :)

Great! Who doesn't want to hear those words? It's especially nice when you know the words come from the heart and are sincere -- not just empty words filling a silence -- or a thoughtless, quick reply.


the best feeling in the world. it brings such security

When Jason tells me he love me, I feel warm all over, and my heart wells up with even more love for him. They are the three best words he says to me. It makes me feels secure and loved.

great, though actions can feel equally great or greater as well.

Good when it's sincere but actions have to match

Those three little words have such a huge positive impact in any given situation.

Amazing because I know she truly means it!


Actions speak louder than words

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