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What is one of your daily rituals? How about your partner?

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Coffee, must have coffee, every day without fail. I'd say that for him too.

Fuck rituals

Makeup. Him, coffee, and npr!

I dnt think I have any rituals..

No me siento limpia si no me froto con una esponja exfoliante, lo hago siempre. No tengo ni idea, ¿un café?. Sé que cuando está animado le gusta mandar "buenos días" a un grupo de personas...creo que lleva tiempo sin hacerlo

Showering and brushing teeth for us both

We both poop and sleep a lot in a day, we're toilet pigs.

I think that's one of our differences that actually works for us. I don't have a daily ritual while he is very ritualistic. By me not having a ritual, I think it allows me to be open for changes, while his rituals keep us grounded and stable. His regularities push me to keep moving when I'm not feeling motivated and I think that my sense of openness towards change forces him out of his attachment to ritual.

Doing Icebreakers. It helps us go through and it is nice having something to read from her every morning

Waking up and then wallowing in my misery.

Brushing my teeth. His should be the same

Me- I have a shower every morning unless it's a Sunday Duvet Day.
He has eggs and malt loaf and needs to exercise.

Taking a shower and brushing teeth and my partner most likely the same and with him definitely his morning coffee 😉

I like to read now, for her photo sites

We just sleep and watch Netflix

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