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Who in your relationship is more likely to make the big decisions?

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Lol Matty? But uh he has to get my approval 😉

We usually do this together
Female, 36-40 years, Married, Bi | Feb 17, 2014

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We communicate and decide on things together

Me of course lol I have to decide what I'm eating in order for you to know 😉

We haven't made any big decisions (that affect the relationship) without consulting the other first. It's definitely a two-way street, I'd feel wrong making a huge decision without his input, and I know he feels the same.

I don't know...but usually I am readily making big decisions.

We will together!

Gonna say me, cause I'm a control freak but really Idk

I think we pretty much share those things, although we have yet to make any really important decisions.

Usually we share it

Nick, which is ok as long as he takes my opinion into consideration. I'm better at small decisions, like what to have for dinner :P

Jointly but I tend to have my way if it's important.

Not me. Change my mind too often.

We make them together as we have always done for 22 years. We make our best decisions together - in fact, our only bad decisions were ones we made separately.
Yup. We make all of our big decisions together. I'm curious, though. Have I ever made a decision without you that you thought of as big decision?
Male, 41-50 years, Married, TX, US | Feb 07, 2014

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Equal I think. Wow it's nice to finally think and feel like equals

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