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What's something you would like to do for your partner, but just haven't had the time?

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take her to the Sistine Chapel.

Come sweep her off her feet and take her to the dominican republic!!!

Organize our office so we have another cozy place in our house to do it. :)

Plan to go out to dinner during restaurant week - time and place, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Ik wil hem duidelijk maken dat ik voor ons ga in de vorm van een gezellig avondje uit.. Of hem daar thuis mee verrassen

I would like to take her on a tropical vacation, pamper her with a total makeover, spa day, and an evening of dancing on the beach. but all I can do now is hold her hand

Get a massage chair ;-)

visit with him and cuddle.

Get her to get work over here and find a place to be together.

Spend an ENTIRE day and night with her
Hopefully will get a chance too soon

write a love letter!

I'd like to take him on an African Safari and also snorkel with Dolphins. We need a money tree.

Plan a whole weekend catered to him

Give a massage.

I would like to figure out how to make sure that we can "steal" little moments every day for the rest of our lives. Sometimes life gets in the way, and other time commitments don't allow for that one little moment. grand gestures are also fun and exciting, but I think the little moments are what nourishes our souls.

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