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What piece of clothing do you find sexiest on your partner?

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Skirts. Drive me nuts:)

I love when he wears either just a pair of jeans or compression shorts 😘


Tight boxers 😜
Male, 31-35 years, Dating, OH, US | Sep 25, 2014

Lace bra
Male, 31-35 years, Dating, OH, US | Sep 25, 2014

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V neck ? Singlet? Barebody? Hahaha. A neat formal shirt. Seriously. Can't get my eyes off him

His glasses.Oh yes. I love how they match his eyes almost any color his eyes turn. oh wait, thats because i like all of his eye colors. :) I also adore him in his blue plaid shirt, and the red one... Button up shirts drive me crazy. I kinda wanna tear through it and see the buttons fly everywhere. ;)

a low cut top - still leaves something to the imagination

That everyone can see? Her jeans. Her running stuff makes we walk around in a daze for awhile after she puts it on. So hot!


I love my man wearing polos, especially his work one! :) too fresh

Butt naked with only a set of classy green multicolored high heels on!

Togs!!!!!!!!!!!! Then her skin tight dress'

I say her panties. Her undies definitely warm me up down there. I love her ass and her thigh gap turns me on to the point making babies. Oh and those yoga pants I don't even want to take em off. I just want to rip them

Public clothing: that black dress she wore at a Christmas party last year.
Private (other than "the" outfit: when she wears leggings and a vneck bra less. Yum

Briefs. I love how they cup his manhood just perfectly. And his ass looks so scrumptious.

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