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His "I want to fuck you now" look. The way he would kiss me on my neck. The way he caresses me. & of course his awesome beard.


His build. His eyes. His crooked smile. His hands, his touch, his lips, his breath on my neck. The way he makes a little sexy growl noise when he's turned on. How fast I can turn him on. Our passion. His passion for me. His laugh, his voice, the way he says my name... Omg! I love when he says my name, any time d day. I am in love with the way his hands fit my curves and I'm the luckiest girl alive. ❤

Cooking me a romantic dinner from scratch.

His lips, his smile, the way he touches me and looks at me, feeling his skin on mine, the way he kisses my neck, that he seems so confident and he takes the lead oh and his scent just makes me melt

Uhhmmm....everything. His eyes...he gets this look....too yum!

Simply he is a sexy man in so many ways. Handsome, brillant, great cook, cleans the house faster than me, is adventurous, makes me smile... Above all his smile and tenderness

When I see that innocence look on her face like she can do no wrong but turns into a exotic diva to take me down

Many things, her smile, her fun loving personality, her sensational lips, her body built for fucking, her soft kisses, her love of sex......
Yumm. You make me sound too good to be true. I'd fuck me
Female, 26-30 years, Married | Apr 17, 2013

Alas, it's true and you do
Male, 41-50 years, Married, PA, US | Apr 17, 2013

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This block is to small to fit everything......even jsut getting a glimpse of her will do it for me.

Every morning to see her dressing.

His work ethic, his ability to joke around with people from all walks of life, parting his hair where he does now :) , his sense of humor and the crinkles around his eyes.

His eyes, his arms, his lips and his words. The way he looks at me, the way he holds me and his passion for me.

Not at all.

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