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Who in your relationship is more likely to make the big decisions?

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she def is
At least he isn't upset about that :)
Female, 36-40 years, Dating, MO, US | Aug 10, 2013

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Both together

Probably him more so than I, I think

Him. No matter how it seems like it is me from time to time, but he's got the ultimatum.. & all my other decisions becomes petty.

Hahaha. We usually have to talk it over. Neither of us like to make decisions, so any big decision has to be carried by both of us. I'm really thankful that it's like this. It makes us a lot closer v

We'd talk it through thoroughly, fully expressing our doubts and thoughts on the matter. Then we'd make a joint decision.


I think both I run everything past her and vice versa

Me. But really her. No. It's us together.

it's split. we each have strengths so we usually talk it

Me wife! She makes the important ones cuz if it were up to me I'd pick the dumb one lol

Definitely think we will make all big decisions together. We're very 50/50

Both she is my partner!!! Duhhh lol

We both do

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