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Do you prefer to initiate sex or have it initiated for you?

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To have it initiated.

Have it initiated


Initiate it

Depends on the moment, but I do love being surprised by a kiss or a hug just because... I never forget those!

I would love for to initiate it with me but it usually is the other way around I end up doing it first..

latino women are not taught to ever initiate sex because we in our culture are supposed to be submissive. however with my husband, I constantly desire him so at this point I would do it in a second! he is that sexy...

Hmm both !

I mostly initiate which can suck cause sometimes I get turned down. It would be nice if he did more often.. I love when he comes home and just has to have me.

Both me more than her and that's fine as long as I'm wanted



I like for him to initiate. I'm a lady :-) haha

I would love to initiate it but I always get rejected

With my partner... Or a fully grown lion...? Depending on that, the answer is gravely different...

I would love for my partner to want to initiate it, but I have no problem being the predominant one igniting the passion...

I would not initiate sex with a lion.

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